F.A.Q. :-)

Because there is no such thing as a silly question… Q. Can white people join the Black Paris Walks? A. White people are welcome. People of any groups, categories, communities, nationalities (even Gingers) are welcome!

It’s not Black in the way you would use “Black” for a political organization or an ethnic night club! It is before all an alternative point of view of Paris. And to be clear … We don see race as ishoo Q. I’m half Black, can I have a 50% discount? A. No but you only get to do half of the tour. Sorry! ;-) Q. Is it safe to go to the ‘African neighborhood’? Is the tour safe? A. Totally!

But more seriously, the second part of the tour is in an ‘ethnic’ and working-class neighborhood. The atmosphere there is obviously different than in places like Notre-Dame or the Eiffel Tower. It’s not a safari, but be prepared for it! Q. Who are you? A. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_me477whlWd1ra63u3.gif Or you could read this! Q. Where did you find all the informations to create your tour? A. I plead the 5th. image But if you come to my tour, we will talk about it. I could even suggest some references! Q.
Do you do other kinds of tours? A. Yes I do! I go to le Marais, Notre-Dame, MontMartre, the Latin Quarter… You want more informations about the tours, click here!

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