Why Black Paris Walks?

I lead walking tours in Paris since 2011. It was a job and it became a passion. I did tours in many parts of the city. And in different contexts the same question would often come up: Why so many Black people in Paris?

Of course the question was not always brought up the same way. It would be asked differently according to the age, the origin or the social background. Diversity, immigrants, communities, you name it! But the question aimed in the same direction: Can you please tell us why Paris has such a strong Black presence? Not easy to answer such a wide question in a nutshell.

I had to dig intensely to find facts and stories to feed this experiment. And the sources are rich. Richer than I expected! And this is how the Black Paris Walks was born! Supplied by writers, scholars and artists who shook up the City of Lights, this tour is a tribute to their legacy but as well an observation of current issues.

The purpose of my approach is not to generate political controversy or sell sensationalism but instead to discover with fun another side (unexpected, fascinating and authentic) of Paris.

So come and join us !


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